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Project Management

As part of the Dorado Petroleum experience, our clients can feel confident knowing that all aspects of their projects are coordinated in the timeliest manner. The logistics of any project are very important to the overall execution and our experienced team will coordinate with your organization so that you can stay up to date on project progress and needs.

Lease & Mineral Acquisition

Our team of experienced landmen at Dorado can take care of all leasing and mineral purchasing projects regardless of size. Our services include everything from dealing one-on-one with land and mineral owners to the facilitation of large group signings. Dorado Petroleum has developed processes integrating our administrative and GIS mapping departments to support our leasing and mineral acquisition efforts, which allow us to produce quality work for all projects regardless of size.

Title - Abstracting and Curative

The Dorado Petroleum title department prides itself on providing comprehensive title research that produces accurate title chains to reduce client risk, including base title, complimentary title, and mineral and leasehold title. Our trusted title team includes licensed attorneys with experience in multiple states in family, property, and oil and gas law. Dorado is committed to easing review of our work for our clients by utilizing technology to manage title projects and offering a digital work product including run sheets and more for timely turn in and review.

GIS Mapping

We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer in-house GIS mapping. With our experienced GIS mapping team, we are able to provide clients with everything from project planning and management maps to deed plotting maps and more. With our in-house GIS department, we are able to keep maps updated on a daily basis and make these maps and shapefiles available to our clients via our secured FTP account. All services we provide to clients including lease and mineral acquisitions and title are supported by our GIS department.

Right-of-Way Acquisition

At Dorado, our experienced team of certified right-of-way agents allow for us to provide the highest quality of right-of-way services available. From purchasing pipeline easements to access roads and all other surface related concerns in between, our agents at Dorado Petroleum have you covered. Due to our agents also having extensive backgrounds in both abstracting and curative title, our clients can feel confident in knowing that all our surface ownership studies are complete and accurate.

Due Diligence

At Dorado Petroleum we allow our clients to make good decisions faster and more accurate than our competition by providing detailed reporting that is both accurate and complete. While understanding the importance of assisting our clients to complete the acquisition, we also understand the importance of incorporating the new acquisition into our clients pre-existing programs and files. By assisting in this portion of the acquisition, we can allow the client to look at the larger picture and worry less about the smaller details.

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